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Ripping balls dot com is brought to you by Mr Steele him self, and will feature links to everything that he uses and also information about his career as a professional FPV pilot.

Mr Steele started flying FPV Drones since April 2014, and since has become one of the worlds first full-time professional FPV freestyle pilots. In doing so he has worked with many people and companies over the years. whether that be as a personality, a pilot, or a mixture of both all of these opportunities shaped him into what he is today.

Mr Steele has Worked with ESPN,CNN, BMW, 60minutes , GoPro, RedBull, VICE, DRL,Camp 4 Collective,DR1, Mountain Dew, Science Channel, Twitch, Occupied VR, F3Expo, TEAL, just to name a few

Certificates held  
– FCC HAM technician
– FAA Part 107
– IATSE Local 600 Drone Camera oporator
– AMA Member

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– Team Black Sheep
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For day to day updates in Mr Steele’s Travels you can follow his progress through these social media platforms

Instagram: MrSteeleFPV
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Facebook:  MrSteeleFPV
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40 thoughts on “Mr Steele’s Drone

  1. Steele,
    The way you fly makes me think you’re some kind of black ops trained, secret Bond-like spy: Mr. Rippington Steele – International man of mystery and awesome fpv ball ripping fking pilot ;-> You make ripping balls look so fun and smooth, we mortals dare to try it! Haha.
    Thanks for all you do to encourage and promote this great activity, hobby, and community. You’re a pioneer my friend. You’re beast! All the best for sharing the love, the skillz…and the laughs! Mr. G

      1. Chad come on now. People may actually believe this lol can’t wait to fly with you again.

  2. Mr. Steele,
    Love your videos. Just checked out your bio. Amazing you’ve only been flying for such a short period of time. I’m pretty new to this hobby and I’m very interested in learning about the different software to time these vehicles. I currently use openpilot but soon I’ll probably change to cleanflight. I was wondering where can I learn detailed information about all the different settings and tabs within these programs. Basically I want an explanation for what each thing does, how it works, and affects the aircraft. Thanks a lot for your time.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS and KUDOS to the brand new, shiny, FPV Drone Nationals (Day 1) Champion and renowned ball ripper, our very own, Mr. Steele or Steeeeeeeeeeeel DAviiiiiiiiis!!! Woohoo! Lol. Deserved and delivered, but spurred on by his equal and challenging mates, who he often references and confers with. You truly are a warrior poet of the skies Mr. Steele. May there be much celebration there in Sacramento and upon your return home here in Atlanta ;-). Cheers bud!

  4. Mr. Steele, I first saw a video of your flight at Gibson Ranch, after you bagged the trophy at the Nationals here in Sacramento. All I can say is . . . WOW! I love your control and fluidity of your style. Your flight at Gibson Ranch was truly inspirational to me, as it shows what hard work and readily available (?) equipment can do. You sound like a great representative for the sport. I wish you the best and will be searching for more vids of your flights.

  5. Pilots wearing goggles that feed a first-person view from cameras mounted on custom-built performance quadcopters have taken those flying machines into forests and abandoned buildings and filmed some seriously jaw-dropping footage. FPV drone racing in a forest has nearly 2 million views on YouTube.

  6. I honestly wish I could have just at least one session of flying with you. I swear I’m a fast learner. I just want to be a talented builder and pilot as well.

  7. Can you do a video someday on how you tune your PIDs? I know this would be a pretty boring video but it would probably get an insane amount of views and help us regular flying folk out tremendously ;)……but seriously I would give you 200 bucks right now for some PID tips!!

    1. hhahaah PID tuning is a very difficult thing to teach, however I plan to eventually make a video regarding the Struggles and some tips of PID tuning.

  8. (spreading love not plague)
    you can’t fake burning rubber guys , that bike was ripping testicles clean off!

  9. Every one of your videos just blow me away, each one better than the last. You have quickly become one of my all time favorite FPV pilots. Congrats on all your success and I am personally excited to watch every vid to come!

  10. Mr. Steele , Hey I’m local here in Atlanta. I live in Cherokee county and am new to the hobby. Have been trying like heck to find safe available flying spots. The guys at Atlanta hobby said you might have some guidance. Any spots you know of or meet ups would be much appreciated. Trying to stay legal and safe! Thanks, Ken

    1. I pretty much just fly anywhere. just look for local spots like parks, baseball feilds etc that are empty.

  11. hey Mr. Steel

    Can you tell your settings to your 5 inch Alien frame.

    You’ve provided so far , only the settings for 6 inches Alien frame .

    best regards


  12. Hey Steele. I’m building up a QAV210 and I am having trouble deciding which motors to get. I will be carrying a GoPro. I am trying to decide between the Cobra 2204 2300kv and the luminier rx2204 2300kv motors. Im also keeping the rx2206 2350kv motors in mind but I think they might be too much power and they’ll chew my batteries too fast. Which motor should I get? (I have been following the cobra qc issues lately)

    1. honestly i would get the RX2206 2350KV it’s just a better motor all around and the battery consumption isn’t that much more.

  13. Your fcken awesome mr steele. If your ever in perth western australia. Drop me a email. Ill be glad to show u some of the killa spots we fly.

  14. What would all of us do without the presence of the awesome tips you talk about on this site? Who comes with the patience to deal with important topics just for common readers like me? I and my buddies are very blessed to have your site among the kinds we frequently visit. It is hoped you know how a great deal we enjoy your efforts! Best wishes coming from us all.

  15. Hi Mr Steele,

    I have watched a lot of your videos now, you have got some crazy skills and a moustache that every man should envy.

    I am looking for some help and advice, I am a veteran of the British Army and suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after a tour of Afghanistan in 2010-2011.

    I’m looking for a way to get in to flying FPV drones, this looks like the perfect hobby to give me an adrenaline rush I’m missing since my service it’s also so immersive that nothing other than not crashing will be on my mind. Hopefully it will also get me out socialising with others. It would be really great if you could help me in anyway to get in to this sport as finances are very tight due to me been currently on long term sick leave any help will be really appreciated.
    Here is a link to a BBC article I did to give you some background on myself.

    Kind regards,

    Paul Wilson

  16. Hey Steele,
    Don’t know if you will read this but hey,you just may…..anyways,I’m 50+years old and have my first quad.
    After many many injuries (wont go into it),rc cars was about all I could do,until I heard of yourself and your YouTube channel.
    So now I’ve learnt so,so much from your videos,I’m mega pumped to be into this fairly new addiction.
    My quad is being built to my specs,I’ve ordered a spare frame and new motors (yours),to shred up my fun loving innocent city Melbourne,AUSTRALIA.
    Being a skater I can totally relate to this,”ripping balls in the cities” Lol…..can’t wait to get arrested.
    You have given me an outlet,a hobby,a sport,a new view on life.
    Us old washed up skaters are not done yet,thanks to you,your crew and FPV.

    Keep rockin kid,
    This world needs more balls ripped.

    Timothy J Phillips

    Your flying is ok,……..(your flying is ridiculously amazing but didn’t want to say that).

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