Ripping Balls with components from:

Team Black Sheep
Mr. Steele Flies Various TBS products. Core PNP50, Crossfire, Unify, Core Pro, etc


ImpulseRC Alien
Mr. Steele flies the ImpulseRC 5″ & 6″ Alien Carbon fiber miniquad frame


SMC Factory Spec Batteries
Mr. Steele Flies 1300mAh 4S lip Battery packs.

Jeti Transmitters
Mr. Steele Flies a DS-16 Duplex Radio Transmitter


Mr. Steele Flies 5040X3 (red) glass nylon Propellors.



Mr. Steele Uses ProgressiveRC’s Lipo Chargers (i306b)

The airframes (Team Blacksheep) that drone racers fly have four very efficient electric motors. Lumenier USA fly on Mr. Steele’s aircraft (2206 at 2350kv).  The Flyduino (KISS) electronic speed controllers are 18-30amps and weigh only a few grams.  The SPracing flight controller coordinates the motor speed for rudder, elevator, aileron, and throttle control. The Taranis RC transmitter with FrSky receiver, 4s  lipo battery (SMC) and other components can usually be found at places like or online.