Mr. Steele, Charpu, FinalGlideAus, UmmaGawd

So Chad Kapper, the creator of Flite Test,
got fired up about doing something new,
cutting edge, and fantastic.  His vision is
something about “making content for the multi rotor
world that is sincere, genuine & transparent
to explore the realm of FPV piloting through
the eyes of four awesome and cool pilots.”
Over my last year of flying FPV quads all over the world, a merry band of some of the greatest pilots has formed. I’m proud to introduce the Rotor Riot crew of Chad Nowak [FinalGlideAUS], Tommy Tibajia [UmmaGawd], Carlos Fernandez Puertolas [Charpu],and Mr. Steele. We’re really proud of Rotor Riot and hope it inspires you to rip balls a little harder…

Mr. Steele shares the latest tech update from the World Drone Prix in Dubai #WDP16

Probably the last snow of the season. But not the last flight!

Tommy Tibajia stops to get in a flight while the rest of the guys make comments.

Charpu tells a story about the dangers of programming your quad with the props on.

Chad and Steele find a colorful location to fly in SoCal

Mr. Steel and Chad Kapper with their back to two sunsets